Boat Sandblasting

We know that every boat owner loves nothing better than getting out and enjoying that fresh sea air. But if you fail to properly maintain your boat, not only will you find that you can’t make use of it as you want to, it can become extremely costly at a later stage, to repair and make sea-worthy again. Sandblasting can be a valuable tool to look after your boat and make sure you get to enjoy it as much as possible. By using sandblasting - or some other media blasting if more suitable - you can remove a worn and damaged finish from your boat, ready to refinish and get out on the waves once more.

When do I need to use boat sandblasting?

Sandblasting can be used to remove an old or damaged finish from your boat, ready to refinish it. You’ll need to do this from time to time to keep your craft in good repair, and make sure you can get out whenever you want to. There are several ways you can remove the dirty build-up from your boat, including manually removing it, or using a chemical or acid product to strip the surface. Sandblasting is a smart choice because it is suited to most boat types, and can be used in different ways to treat different levels of dirt and grease, without causing any damage to the underlying surface.

Benefits of boat sandblasting

We recommend using sandblasting - or another form of media blasting - for your boat for a number of reasons. The common alternatives are either tricky and time consuming - such as manual scraping - or use chemicals and acids which are damaging to the environment can can harm your own health. Boat sandblasting has the major advantage that our team can choose the right nozzles, pressure and media to treat your specific boat type and condition. For heavy build-up we might need to use firmer pressure, or a more abrasive media, for example, whereas with a more fragile boat, we can take a gentle approach and still achieve the same finish. This makes sandblasting a good choice whatever type of boat you have.

Boat sandblasting and the environment

One very strong argument for using sandblasting to treat your boat, is that it’s an environmentally conscious choice. Firstly, we can choose a media which is suited to your boat and the environment - which might be soda or even an alternative such as crushed walnut shells. We can also use cutting edge techniques and equipment to limit dust and other materials being released into the environment.

But most of all, sandblasting removes the need for acid and chemical approaches to treating your boat - which can be dangerous both to your health, and to the marine environment you want to enjoy in your boat. To learn more about boat sandblasting and the environment, give us a call.

Our Service

Boat sandblasting is flexible - and as much an art as a science. This is why we recommend having this treatment carried out by a professional from Sandblasting Miami. We will assess your boat - including the materials it is made of, its age and levels of wear, before making a decision about the best way to treat it. We will also ask you a bit about where and when you typically use your craft, as salt water and fresh water produce different wear on a hull, which we can take into account as we treat it.

Our contractor will choose the right media and particle size, and adjust the pressure as the boat is treated to ensure an even finish is produced, with any unwanted paint, dirt, grease or debris removed.


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