Car Sandblasting

Car sandblasting is the quick and effective way to prepare a car for repainting, or to remove a buildup of rust. An expert sandblasting contractor from Sandblasting Miami can assess your vehicle to make suggestions about which processes and media would benefit your vehicle - as well as how to protect vulnerable areas during the treatment. If you are interested in learning more about car sandblasting in Miami, Florida, give us a call today. We can arrange a no obligation quote to suit your budget and needs.

When would I use car sandblasting?

Car sandblasting is usually used to remove paint or rust from a vehicle. You might be renovating an old car, or getting your vehicle ready to be repainted for example. In either case, sandblasting - or a different from of media blasting such as soda blasting or dustless blasting - could be used to quickly and easily remove rust, dirt, grease and paint. Because our contractors can use different media, but also apply different pressures, we can treat both a heavy build up of rust, dirt and grease quite robustly, but still deal with more delicate areas which might need a gentle touch.

We will make sure we look after your car throughout, and deliver the perfect finish you’re looking for.

What are the benefits of car sandblasting?

There are a number of benefits to using car sandblasting - not least the effective removal of rust and dirt from even the toughest of areas. Sandblasting is typically quick and effective, to let you get on with fixing up your car any way you choose to. At Sandblasting Miami we also use different blasting media and approaches - soda blasting and dustless sandblasting being two of the more popular car treatments.

Dustless sandblasting uses water to keep down the dust produced, reducing friction and heat, and can be a good approach to dealing with a steel car body. Dustless blasting also has the advantage of keeping harmful dust away from sensitive areas like your motor.

How we protect your vehicle when using car sandblasting

Your vehicle is precious to you - and so we will make sure we look after it throughout the treatment. This includes, of course, protecting vulnerable areas of your car while sandblasting. The exact approach to this depends on the make and model of your car. Our usual preference is that any part which can be safely removed is taken off the chassis and placed in a protective area. Parts that can not be removed entirely can be covered with protective film depending on the sandblasting method chosen, and which area we are treating. To get more information about car sandblasting and how it might fulfill your needs, fill in the form on our contact page and we will be in touch directly.

Our Service

Our helpful and experienced team here at Sandblasting Miami will be happy to advise you on how car sandblasting could be used to treat rust-build up on your car - or get it ready to be repainted. No matter what make and model you choose to drive, our experts will know what steps to take to treat it and have it looking spotless in no time. For more information about the service we offer, get in touch via our contact page - or give us a call in normal working hours to talk to a member of the team directly.


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