Dustless Blasting

Here at Sandblasting Miami, we frequently use dustless blasting for a wide range of media blasting and surface preparation projects. It’s suitable for many different jobs, ranging from small residential clean-ups, to big commercial works, and can be used with a broad variety of sandblasting media. Our experienced contractors will vary the pressure used to achieve the desired finish, and can treat both tough and fragile surfaces. We know that the choices of different types of sandblasting technology can be overwhelming.

That’s why our team are on hand to talk through your options and how different approaches could benefit you. If you’re considering dustless blasting for your project then you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch today.

Is dustless blasting suitable for my project?

Dustless blasting is so called because it reduces the dust plume usually caused by traditional types of media blasting. This means it’s environmentally sensitive, creates less mess to clear up, and can be done at the same time as other contractors are on site getting on with their jobs. Dustless blasting can be used to prepare a wide range of surfaces, and remove more or less any types of coating, depending on your project. You can use it for delicate wooden items, for graffiti removal or even to strip down anti-fouling paint on boats.

That makes it suitable for many different types of residential and commercial projects. To learn more about how dustless blasting can help in your project, get in touch with us today.

What are the benefits of dustless blasting?

One of the biggest benefits of dustless blasting is the range of uses it has. Whether you’re looking for car blasting, need graffiti removal from your home, or are looking for surface cleaning, wood restoration, or need your boat sandblasting, dustless blasting could be the right choice. Dustless blasting is very flexible in part because it allows for our team member to vary the pressure used on different surfaces, and can be used with interchangeable nozzles.

You can use a variety of different media - not only silica sand, for different finishes. This makes it a suitable approach for pretty much any job - even the most delicate. You can also tackle both big and small projects equally effectively, so it can be used in a residential or industrial setting.

Dustless blasting - portable equipment for more flexibility

One of the reasons that dustless blasting has become extremely popular is that the equipment used is portable and can be brought on site in even the trickiest location. While regular sandblasting traditionally needed large and bulky equipment dustless blasting is much more mobile. This means that a dustless approach can be used in a wide variety of locations and situations. Because there’s little to clear up afterwards, it’s a great choice for both residential and commercial clients.

With large commercial projects dustless blasting can be carried out without needing to clear the work area of other contractors. This means that your project plan can continue while our team move in to media blast. Give us a call at Sandblasting Orlando to check out how we can help you with your project.

Our Service

Dustless blasting is suitable for a whole range of commercial and residential projects. The team at Sandblasting Miami are experienced in working with a range of media, and tackling everything from the most precious of antiques, to large scale commercial projects which value dustless technology because it allows other contractors to carry on as usual even as sandblasting is taking place. We know that choosing the best approach for your project isn’t always easy. If you’re not sure whether or not dustless blasting is right for you, get in touch using the phone number on the website - or via out contact page.

A professional member of our team will be happy to offer an opinion and advice, and can arrange a quote for any residential or commercial services you may need.


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