Industrial Sandblasting

Our team at Sandblasting Miami is skilled in working across a variety of different project types and settings, including industrial and commercial sandblasting. Industrial sandblasting, which is also known as abrasive sandblasting, is most often used to treat large areas. It’s ideal if you need to remove tough dirt, debris and grease from industrial equipment, or in public projects such as cleaning buildings and bridges. The approach is fairly flexible and can be used for a wide variety of projects - however, while the projects might vary a lot, industrial work often means that our contractors are working in public areas where passersby, other employees and vehicles must be taken into consideration.

This means that we use time tested and rigorous safety standards, to ensure the safety of other staff, contractors and the public in all industrial projects we work on.

Is industrial sandblasting right for my project?

Industrial sandblasting is a fairly flexible approach to treating large scale projects, which usually uses silica sand, although our contractors can use other media if it is more suited to the situation. Our team will use industrial sandblasting if we are working to clean shipyard equipment, for projects removing grease and dirt from machinery in oil refineries and where we work in food or beverage production plants.

Because industrial sandblasting is a good way to treat large areas, we can also use it when cleaning buildings, or preparing bridges for repainting or other works. When it comes to sandblasting, Sandblasting Miami should be your first call - whether you’re looking for contractors who can deal with a large and complex public project, or you’ve got a smaller but tough job ahead. We can help, and our team have the experience to tackle even the most challenging of job.

What are the benefits of industrial sandblasting?

When the going gets tough - we use industrial sandblasting. As you might expect, industrial sandblasting is effective for treating large areas - and very good for dealing with heavy rust, tough areas of dirt, grease and scale. This means that we will typically use an industrial approach if we are working in factories, cleaning heavy industrial equipment, working with public buildings, and infrastructure, in shipyards and metal production facilities, and so on.

You’d be amazed at what we can do with even the toughest of jobs - an industrial approach will leave the surface clean and clear, and can offer a surface texture which is more functional.

Industrial sandblasting in public works and commercial settings

If you’re a business owner, or are working to procure services for public areas, then you’ll know that safety - for employees and the public - is paramount. Our experienced team at Sandblasting Miami are fully trained in ensuring a high standard of safety at every stage, of every project. That means that you can rest assured that every site is rigorously set up and maintained to ensure safety, and all of our equipment is modern, and regularly checked for safety. Any member of our team will be happy to give you an overview of the safety precautions we take as standard, and answer any questions you might have.

If you choose to work with us on a public or industrial sandblasting project, we will include a full run down of our approach to safety and site management, when we provide you with a quote and project plan.

Our Service

Every project we work on at Sandblasting Miami is unique. That means that we tailor our approach and our pricing for every client. When it comes to industrial sandblasting we can offer traditional sandblasting using silica sand, as well as dustless blasting and soda blasting options should they be more suitable. Alternatively, for specialist jobs we can consider other media blasting to achieve the exact finish you want.

Throughout any project, the safety of the public and everyone on site is crucial, and our team will be fully prepared to maintain a safe work area. To learn more about what we do - and how - give us a call today, for a chat and a no obligation quote.


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