Residential Sandblasting

One reason that sandblasting is so popular is that it is an extremely flexible process and lends itself to both residential and commercial uses. Around the home, there are many places that sandblasting - or other media blasting approaches - can be used to make short work of tricky jobs. Media blasting can help with stripping external paintwork, clearing graffiti, or getting your pool back to use after years of neglect. Our helpful team have used sandblasting across hundreds of residential projects in Miami over the years, and we would be delighted to help you with your home refresh or remodel, too.

How is sandblasting used for residential projects?

Sandblasting might be new to you, if you’re planning your first home remodel or renovation. However, it’s a popular approach in many residential projects, which involves spraying particles of silica sand - or another media - at a surface, to remove paint, built-up dirt, and grease. A skilled professional can use different media, and different pressures to treat different surface types.

There are a wide variety of media available - including blasting soda, and crushed-glass, as well as silica sand, which can be more or less abrasive. This allows sandblasting to be used for both delicate items like antique woodwork, and tougher jobs like removing scale or damage on the surface of your pool.

Benefits of residential sandblasting

Sandblasting is an environmentally sound approach to removing paint or other surface treatments, from wood, metal, concrete and more. We work to limit the amount of dust released into the environment and can choose an environmentally sound media such as soda or crushed walnut shells for your project. With the range of media and different approaches on offer, sandblasting is a really robust and flexible approach, from preparing metal before welding, right through to removing paint from the external surfaces of your home.

We can bring the equipment needed to you and work on site - or for smaller items we can collect them and treat them at our own facility if that’s more convenient. Get in touch today to see how residential sandblasting could help you.

Pool Sandblasting

Here in Miami, one of the main types of residential project we are asked about is pool sandblasting. The great news is that sandblasting is a great way to bring your pool back to life. If you’ve just moved or your pool is looking in need of a remodel, give us a call. With media blasting - often crushed-glass blasting - we can clean your pool of scale and dirt, and leave a perfect finish for any further treatment you want to use. To work with pool sandblasting, your pool must be drained and dry.

We will also need to protect or remove vulnerable materials like metal steps, or tiled areas. Rest assured, that our contractors are very experienced in pool sandblasting and will make sure we offer the best approach for your pool.

Our Service
Happy customers are what matters for us, here at Sandblasting Miami. That’s why we offer both a perfect finish, and a high level of customer service every time. Whatever residential project you’re looking at - from a small remodel of just your pool area, to the complete refurbishment of your home - we can help you. We know that sandblasting is new to most of our customers, and you’ll have a bunch of questions about where and how we might use these techniques.

Our friendly team are happy to help talk through what you’re trying to achieve and figure out where we can work together to bring your dreams to reality.


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