Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is a popular approach because it’s a gentle and environmentally low impact media blasting approach. Here at Sandblasting Miami, we find soda blasting is a useful way to clean up architectural features which are covered in graffiti, and deal with other more delicate projects. Soda blasting is flexible enough for fragile surfaces because the soda used can be as small as talcum powder, or something much larger and more abrasive if needed. Soda blasting is great for a wide range of projects.

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Is soda blasting the right approach for my project?
One of the beautiful things about soda blasting is that it is suitable for a wide range of projects, from treating fragile antique wood, to dealing with rust removal on a boat. Our helpful team at would be happy to advise you about whether soda blasting is the best approach for your project. Soda blasting is often done by our contractors using mobile equipment on site, making it a convenient choice.

Soda blasting is suited to graffiti removal and dealing with stonework which is been damaged by weather and time, as it will not damage the underlying surface but will leave it perfectly free from surface coatings and marks.

What are the benefits of soda blasting?
One of the reasons that soda blasting is popular is because it is a relatively clean approach to media blasting. Typically there is very little dust or mess to clear up after working with soda. Blasting soda disintegrates on impact, and in some cases we can make soda blasting almost entirely dust free by mixing the blasting soda with water before application. Using water isn’t always the right approach, so your contractor can also discuss alternatives such as using protective tenting, and dust extraction units.

These techniques go a long way to limit and remove the damage that can otherwise be caused by dust plume.

Is soda blasting environmentally sound?
In the vast majority of projects, soda blasting is a very environmentally sound approach to choose. Soda disintegrates on impact with a surface, and can then be disposed of as with any other normal waste. It is important, however, for clients to realize that blasting soda is alkaline. This means that if you’re working out doors near to plants, grasses or trees, they will need to be looked after to ensure the soda doesn’t disrupt growth.

In our experience, simply cleaning down nearby vegetation impacted after treatment should mean you avoid any problems. However, our contractors will always assess the environment they’re working in when we choose blasting soda, and offer advice if we think there might be any adverse effects.

Our Service

Soda blasting is a very popular service we offer among our clients in Miami, Florida. It’s environmentally sound, quick and more or less mess-free. And blasting soda can be used for both the toughest - and the most delicate of surfaces. From rust removal in a maritime project, to graffiti removal on a much loved or historic building, soda blasting is a strong option. To learn more about our services, and how soda blasting might be used for your project, please get in touch.

Our helpful contractors will be delighted to discuss your needs with you, and come up with a proposal and quote which meets your needs and your budget equally.


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